Professional Bass Fishing Coaches And Guides

The fishing in the great state of Texas is an experience to remember, unless you can't catch anything. You could be learning how to fish for the first time ever or you could be wanting to learn a new technique. All you should do is get a Hill Country bass fishing coach. You'll know you're getting taught by the best when pro fisher Ray Tomasits shows you his years of competitive and recreational talent. From Beginners Luck to Advanced Fishing Techniques

If you want to try fishing for the first time, try not to be nervous. Ray is used to fishing on any lake. You will have a better chance of making your first catch by using the techniques and tricks that he has mastered and will instruct you on. Even if you've gone fishing frequently, there is going to be new information to learn and skills to try. Ray knows how to teach you different knot tying and fishing techniques as well as bass patterns that will assist you in developing your fishing skills, and possibly compete in bass tournaments. Fish When You Want

Everyone has a different schedule, which is the reason there are multiple fishing trip choices like a short half-day outing or excursions as long as 3 days. Other 3-day excursions can include bass fishing school and boat lessons. In bass fishing school, you will discover the different knots, casting techniques, and even things like the behaviors of bass that live in different lakes. If you're the proud owner of a boat, but have a desire to learn how to launch and dock it in just 10 minutes, Ray will teach you whatever you need to know so it's easier than ever to fish whenever you want. Create memories that will last a lifetime by experiencing the greatest bass fishing in Texas.lake travis fishing guide